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Resilience Training Center

Our organization is designed to encourage, educate, and transform the lives of women who experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, and other life traumatic events. We are here to serve as a resource in the community to help close the gaps in victim services. This is done through our Resilience Training Center, where our objective is to provide comprehensive holistic victim services, build resilience, facilitate a pathway to hope and healing.   


We are here to serve as a resource in the community to help close the gaps in victim services for minority women who have been victimized and traumatized by sexual assault, domestic violence, and other life traumatic events.


Our goal is to combat the following cultural stigmas, taboos, and barriers to accessing resources/services for female victims/survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence:  

  1. Community/Family Victim Shaming and Blaming

  2. Cloak of Silence (it’s best to keep it to yourself)

  3. Law Enforcement Will Not Help

  4. Fear of Being Ostracized

  5. Destigmatizing Mental Health Treatment

  6. Lack of Safe Housing & Training for Victims

  7. Limited Resources

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Pose at Protest

Services Provided

  • Six-week resilience training program 

  • Specialized healing modalities for trauma victims/survivors 

  • Two-week training course in storytelling development and delivery

  • Life skills training  

  • Peer/mentor matching to newcomers

  • Two-day Empowerment Women’s Conference  

  • Personalized navigator resource connector 

  • Vocational development training 

  • Suicide prevention and intervention 

What Will Participants Learn?

  • How to develop a sense of fortitude and confidence through the power of storytelling

  • How to develop hope and create pathway goals for living a hope filled life

  • How to overcome victim shaming and blaming

  • How to break the silence and reclaim their voice

  • How to obtain victim support resource services

  • How to live a resilient life


Participant Outcomes

  • A sense of power over their future and destiny.

  • The ability and courage to report and follow through with filing charges against their perpetrator

  • Restoration of hope, self-esteem build up, inner healing, and strength restored

  • Obtain adequate resources for victims of sexual/domestic violent crimes

  • Transformation of mind and spirit through the power of storytelling

  • Liberation from guilt and shame experienced by trauma

  • A sense of belonging through shared commonalities that creates camaraderie and sisterhood through story sharing and telling

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To sign up for HerStory Resilience Training Center as a participant please contact us at: 240-904-4306 or email


If you would like to partner with Herstory Resilience Training Center, please email us at:

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