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HerStory Women’s Symposium is truly an event that is geared towards helping women heal from their past and present wounds as well as to equip them for future challenges.  This is as a result of the transparency of the speakers that have shared in this forum.  It is an event that is worth experiencing.

~ Rev Sheron Clarke

HerStory Women's Symposium in Dallas, TX was a spiritually refreshing time of cleansing and renewal. Each dynamic speaker brought her own powerful impartation and ministry - there is no way you could leave there the same way you came. It was life changing! 

~ Alice Sykes

It was an "Honor" for me to attend HerStory Women's Symposium event held in Dallas, TX...The anointing of God was so thick!!! Being able to allow sisters to come together & exposed their stories was amazing.  I was extremely blessed by this event!!! Looking forwarded to the next dimension God has for us!

~ Rosie Trenia Moore


Thank you Pastor Bridget for inviting me to this powerful, insightful and impactful  Women’s Symposium! What I can tell you is that my life will never be the same. I cried, I praised God; I thanked Him for His love and was in awe of the panel and storytellers. The revelation and healing that I received from this conference will forever stay with me. You ministered to me and your panel touched my SOUL! I will always (if it is in my power) support your annual HerStory Women’s Symposium and ministry. God bless you for creating a path of deliverance for me. 

~ Tangent Askew

My experience at the symposium was an awesome one! It was a blessing to be a part of the vision of HerStory Women’s Symposium and to watch how it all came together from start to finish. The stories that were told was touching and real; as well as comforting because they made me realize I was not the only one who had gone through some tough situations in life. This symposium reaffirmed for me that as long as God is for me who could be against me. I was reminded that if I can weather the storms of life God will bring me through it again and again. Some of the stories made me cry and laugh. To have shared a time like this with other women of God was a tremendous blessing. To God be the glory for what he has done in my life. I pray that one day I will be able to tell my story and be a blessing to someone else. Thank you Pastor Bridget for allowing the Lord to use you in such a powerful way!

~ Ledora Cornish

What can I say but WOW! I have gone to plenty of women’s fellowships and conferences but none quit like this one. What I witnessed was just plain inspirational and transformational. Prophetess Dawn from New Orleans told a powerful story about what it means to walk by faith and as I sat there listening all I could say was God is amazing! She shared with us how she overcame the tragedy of losing all her personal treasures, investments and belongings to Hurricane Katrina. She talked about what it was like to be displaced while at the same time enduring an abuse relationship. Her story was so encouraging and it showed women what it looks like to truly live by faith. If you had the experience I had at HerStory symposium you would not want to miss this symposium when it comes to your city!

~ Dana Maddox

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HerStory Symposium is the ultimate safe haven for women to share, heal, and experience the greatness of God’s love. Pastor Bridget handpicks each storyteller perfectly capturing a variety of triumphant stories that reach women of all ages. The stories are AMAZING: alluring, tear jerking, jaw dropping and even humorous at times. I could not have prepared for the life-changing experience. I was delivered from pain I did not know lurked in my heart, humbled by the power of the stories, comforted by their victory, and grateful for God’s presence throughout. HerStory symposium is a must for all women for we all have great stories to tell!

~ Jamea Wilson

I believe that it is very important to talk about and even share the great things that God does. And God did do great things! The plural should make one ask How Much Did God Do? So, I am glad that you asked. HerStory Symposium was a unique event that climaxed for me at different times. Leading up to the event, I was teased with some “nuggets”. These nuggets represented different stories that had some resemblance of a season that I had experienced in my life. The beautiful thing about that was that each of the nuggets represented victory in those seasons. So, I was encouraged that whatever I have or will go through, I will be victorious, I will get through it; I will overcome it! The scripture says it everywhere, but for the sake of being brief, I will reference just one – John 16:33. Jesus says – I paraphrase, that we will have tribulations but that the peace we have is due to Him overcoming the world, and so we should just stay encouraged. The nuggets leading up to the Symposium reminded me of this. So, the atmosphere was set! The day of the symposium was great! The venue was very beautiful, the fellowship was great, and the stories were even better in person. In all I would have to say that it was a prepared event, for prepared people, and that prepared each of us for whatever comes next. The whole event and the journey that it took me through reminded me that Jesus went away and prepared a place whereas reminding us that He would come back and get us when it is ready- John 14:2. In summary, I thank God for Pastor Bridget! HerStory Symposium prepared me! In essence – You have to be ready to be blessed – and I was and so was my guest!

~ Minister Barbara Dawkins

My experience at HerStory symposium was spiritually liberating. As I both shared and heard testimonials from women who came to give homage to God for deliverance and as the source of their success and survival; shackles of shame, depression, disenfranchisement, and low self-esteem were broken! HerStory offers a spiritual experience like no other as it travels around the country leaving many women empowered, spiritually restored, encouraged, and renewed through the power of the Holy Spirit! If you are bundled in cocoons of emotional and physical stress, depression, social and financial upheaval or looking for a transformational experience come and encounter a supernatural move of God through the powerful testimonials of resilient women and emerge into the beautiful butterfly you are!

~ Minister Dawn Lawrence

HerStory Women's Symposium was awesome! I felt the power of God moving throughout the entire event. The women who shared their stories were transparent, displayed strength under fire and I was blessed to be in the midst. It was moving to be among women who have traveled 'all walks of life' but overcame obstacles and were able to turn their tragedies into triumph!!  It was inspiring to be among women who were true followers of Christ and seek to embody what Christ represents by empowering women to achieve their goals, overcoming challenges they may face and realizing their God given potential...

~ Kristal Turner


~ Danielle Waters


I was truly blessed and inspired!  Every story showed me how God's word causes us to triumph over every situation. Through every storm and every circumstance in life there is always a happy ending in God.  The story that impacted my life the most was "Everything is Not What It Seems" by Rev. Sheron Clarke. It truly was a life changing experience.  Thank you Pastor Bridget!

~ Carolyn Bullock

I just want to tell the world that Livin’ It Up Ministries did a phenomenal job putting together HerStory Women’s Symposium under the visionary leadership of Pastor Bridget Goines. The storytellers told stories that touched the hearts’ of sisters who had been through or who were currently going through the same thing. Sister Darby ministered under the anointing of the Holy Spirit through dance with such power until chains were broken off of the lives of women in the audience. HerStory Women’s Symposium empowered and encouraged you, made you laugh, and made you cry. This symposium is an awesome event! It was a time to fellowship with women from difference states who had come together to be set free. If you have not experience any of the symposiums, please join us for the next one. God Bless!

~ Prophetess Schywanda Creamer

HerStory caught me by surprise. I was assigned to minister in dance and had prepared myself to just come and share a simple word through my "Alabaster Box" presentation but I was amazed at how intimate and right on time each woman's story was. I left feeling like I was not the only one who had seemed to suffer a few blows from life. It made me appreciate MyStory and value the lessons learned. The HerStory experience is one of kind and something that as women we need to continue to have in order for women not to feel like their story is a new story. We have all been through something and HerStory allows women to see the work of God through and after a storm. God Bless Pastor Goines for the vision!

~ Darby Pack

My experience at HerStory Symposium in Philadelphia was POWERFUL!  I went with an expectation to hear from God and He showed up!  Each woman's story had a piece of me in it that I could relate to.  Real women, real stories! The story that had the greatest impact on my life was "What Didn't Kill Me Made Me Stronger" by Pastor Yvetta Jackson Jones.  I left the symposium encouraged, empowered, and definitely inspired.  Thanks for sharing this vision that God has given you Pastor Bridget!  I hope to see you in Dallas!

~ Sabrina Harris

HerStory came at a time in my life when I needed to receive and get the spiritual nourishment my soul was craving. The presenters and pastors shared testimonies that were freeing. To be in a place, safe and free of judgment; hearing women talk and share their own personal stories was powerful and healing. Realizing it’s not just in the movies, in therapy sessions or in private, but we as women, of all ages, could come together and talk about all life’s events and worship together was a humbling experience.  It’s hard to put into words how uplifting HerStory was. All I can say is it cannot be explained, it can only be experienced!

~ Toni Morgan

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