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Angela D. Wharton is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, Women’s Advocate, and the Founder of Phynyx Ministries, which provides assistance to sexual assault survivors via the Word of God and counseling referral services. As a Survivor of sexual assault, Angela can truly empathize with those her ministry serves, crediting her strong belief in God, along with her self-dedication to healing, for turning her into a survivor instead of a victim.


Angela believes she is on assignment by God to become the voice of those who have been silenced by sexual violence, crediting all the survivors that came before her as her inspiration, confidence, and strength. The realization that the incident was not her fault, and that she is not alone, has given her immense courage and the tenacity to fight, not only for her but for other survivors, as well. She is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful young princesses.

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