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Professionally, Debra L. Mars is known as a Diversity, Branding, and Gifting maven for her innovation and leadership in supplier diversity and as well as for creating award-winning campaigns for Frito- Lay, General Mills, Coca-Cola, TOYOTA, HBO, and the NFL to name a few.


However, internally it is the personal triumphs from the tragic deaths of beloved family members, divorce, single parenting, eating disorders, and her ‘unnecessary’ heart attack where she has felt most triumphant.  She has answered the call to walk in purpose as a transformational storyteller, author, producer, and life coach.  Believing that no matter its origin, all pain and suffering need an expiration, the author of Death of a Fairy Tale and founder of Dare to Reign now finds immense joy in marketing HOPE.  


Anointed with a servant’s heart and with a profound respect for the human condition, the Los Angeles native frequently reaches out to uplift woman who have been victimized from physical, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse.


She is the founder of Women in the Game; a mentoring organization that seeks to entrepreneurially put the power back in the purse for women who have fallen victim to divorce, domestic violence, job displacement, and/or catastrophic illness. Debra believes you have the power within to step over any obstacle you encounter. She is the grateful and proud mother of two successful adult children

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